Barbie Super Hero TailorThe time to show some love for our heroes has come so in this Barbie superhero tailor game you will need to learn how to make some really fit clothes for them or even some costumes as they like to hide their identity. Make sure that by the end of this clothes creation game no superhero will be left without a costume.

Cut the materials yourself along the patterns as this superhero dress up game will give you some cool designs that you can use. Also you will be sewing pieces together so keep a steady hand as you use the machine. For more Barbie makeover games and Barbie and Ken dress up games drop by more often.

See you again soon,!

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Gumball Eye DoctorIf you can read this message it means that your eyes are great, but not the same can be said about our next patient in this Gumball Eye doctor game because he cannot see well and his eyes are kind of in a bad shape. Hope you are well trained and good enough of a fun medical game player in order to solve his issues because he has nowhere else to turn.

You will be a great sport if you manage to give him a proper consultation and by the end of this Gumball at the doctors office game he will be as good as new. We expect you to come and treat more celebrities and cartoon characters in our future Gumball first aid game or fun tooth doctor games.

Until then, have a nice day,!

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Minion Girl Hair SalonSince the premiere of the movie they all want to look amazing as they are well known by now so in this minion girl hair salon game you will get to change their looks for the better. Their hair is not their strong point but it will soon be if you take good care of them in this hair stylist minion game. Surely you will find a suitable haircut for any one of them as they will want to be different from one another.

Get them to sit quietly in the chair and start doing your magic in our haircut game online because now the paparazzi will be following them everywhere and they want to never have a bad hair day again. Have loads of fun with the new minion girl game and look out for more to come.
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Pou Girl Hair SalonThe ribbon cutting is done and now the business is about to start in this Pou girl hair salon game so get your scissors sharpened because you will have to start trimming some hair and try out some colors for this summer. All the latest trends from the other Pou hair cutting game or Pou hair stylist game will be ready for your hair cutting skills.

Try out different products and see how they make the hair look and also share some of your ideas with your friends. See which one of you has the best vision when it comes to Pou girl games free. Have a wonderful time at the hair salon with our latest Pou girl hair game.

Keep in touch, here on!

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