Today you will help an old friend get his smile back in this Subway Surfers Dentist game because he cannot run properly if he has a nagging toothache. Surely you have gotten more familiar with the tools that a dentist usually has so in this new tooth problems game you will be able to make him feel healthy and refreshed. Keep in mind that you will have plenty of instructions in this free doctor game subway surfers and they will guide you throughout the whole operation.

Have an awesome time with your friend and show everyone that going to the dentist is fun when you know you will feel a whole lot better after you are done. Enjoy this Subway Surfers free online game and the awesome doctor games to come.

See you later,!

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This little piggy went to the hospital and in this Peppa Pig surgery game you will have to be a flawless doctor and get this operation just right. Surely you have played a few fun doctor games or medical games online that have prepared you for the operation room. Make sure you sterilize the tools before you use them and this way Peppa will be on his feet once again.

Have a ton of fun with him as your new patient because he is really cute and cuddly. If you want more of him don’t worry as he will be in our future Peppa pig free games and Peppa Pig doctor game online.

Have a good one doc,!

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Do not worry as the boy from Subway Surfers game free is not going to get a new tattoo at the subway, but instead you will have to come up with a cool idea and that will be his new face tattoo.

Think of it as a special fun drawing game online but instead you will be painting his face and making him stand out from all the other boys. Surely you know a bit about tattoos and in this Subway Surfers face tattoo game you will get to not only learn, but do your first tattoo. Hopefully it will be the first of many because we will be releasing some cool new tattoo games and face tattoo games free really soon.
Have a blast with it,!

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Manny Hair SalonIt will be a tough day at the Manny hair salon game today because he is really quite hairy and you will need to make him look amazing once again. To do so you will need to try and use all the tools that are available. Make good use of them as they will come in handy for your special client in this ice age game for free.

Surely you know Manny from the animated movies and he is one of the best so treat him like he is a really awesome client in the hair salon. This is a really cool Ice age hair game and you need to show them how well you can style all the characters, so be on the lookout for more fun hair salon games.

Have a good 2015,!

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