subway_surfers_surgeonYou will not be really shady like you would suspect after that title but you will be working in this Subway surfers surgeon doctor game because the little kid got into quite a few problems because of his repeated injuries caused by trains and other obstacles. You will need to do your best in this new subway surfers game as you will see that the boy is in pretty bad shape. Surely you will try your best to operate on him and listen to the instructions provided by our surgeon operation game as they will guide you every step of the way.

Keep in mind that you need to work clean so first of all check everything before you close your patient up and finish this subway surfers online free game as you don’t want anything to get infected afterwards.

Until your next operation,!

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elsa_cooking_tiramisuIt is a known fact that the cake in this Elsa cooking game is very well known around the world and you will notice that the recipe is not that hard to keep track of. In this fun baking game you will be accompanied by Elsa and she will teach you how to make the best Tiramisu cake out there. Follow the instructions that we provide for you in our dessert cooking game and you will be all set.

All the kitchen utensils will be prepared and cleaned for you beforehand so all you need to do is lay back and have some fun in the well equipped kitchen that we have for you in this new free Elsa game. You two will enjoy a delicious dessert once you are done with the baking game online.

Until next time,!

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Baby Monster Fun BathingIt is time for another great Baby monster bath time and in this awesome monster high bathing game you will get to clean up the cutie monster as well as you can. The way that you should do this, is by taking her through all the stations and using all the items that are at  your disposal. Unlike other fun cartoon games free this one will be featuring a famous character and you will love to play with her in this online bathing game.

Get the squeaky toys out and throw them in the warm water and the cute baby monster will start playing with them, which gives you plenty of time to soap and rinse before she also is squeaky clean. Have a fun time with our latest baby monster game free.

See you soon, here on!

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Talking Angela Nose DoctorAlways snooping around, Talking Angela got her nose a bit hurt and in this Talking Angela Nose doctor game you will get to fix it as fast as possible for her. Surely you will have all the tools that you need nearby because in this fun doctor game or animal doctor game as some would say, we have arranged that you are helped by the best nurse in the business.

There are quite a few steps that you need to complete before getting the “go ahead” to release the patient. You will totally love this Talking Angela adventure game because you and her will become very good friends over the upcoming few online games for free.

See you in a few,!

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