Spongebob Foot DoctorThere is something special about your next patient in this SpongeBob foot doctor game and you will surely see that he is quite goofy and he loves to show off his talented actor skills. His friend will soon arrive for a Patrick doctor game as he has some issues of his own. Surely you will find the time to help both of them out because you are a great doctor and it so happens that you live in BikiniBottom.

Have a fun time in this Cartoon doctor game, or should we call it a Celebrity doctor game because he is very well known and loads of kinds find his jokes hilarious. Him and Patrick will surely impress you with their comedy once you will take care of his injured foot. Have a fun time with him in this challenging surgery game.

Until next time, wowsomegames.com!

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talking_tom_hand_doctorToday you will have a special patient in your office once again. Help him out in this Talking Tom hand doctor game as he wants to be up and running once again. Since that foot doctor game a while back he has managed to injure his hand once again so you will need to try and fix him up once again. He is one of your most popular customers at your doctors office as he likes your company so in this cat doctor game you are going to treat him really special so he feels safe and a lot better once you are done with him.

Have a lot of fun and listen to the nurses instructions as they know what is best in all these cute cat medical games.

See you soon with another Talking tom game online, here on wowsomegames.com!

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talking_tom_cooking_halloween_cakeIt’s Halloween tonight and with this occasion you will get a fresh Halloween cooking game that you can play. The title of it is: Talking Tom Halloween Cake and he will be helping you around the kitchen showing you what to do when you want to make an awesome cake.

Have some fun in this Talking Tom cooking game as he will surely have plenty of it. This cake recipe is really special to him as he usually makes it only once every year, with the occasion of this special holiday. Don’t forget to ornate it with some spooky decorations that you can find in the Talking Tom cake baking game.

Enjoy your dessert, wowsomegames.com!

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Talking Tom Foot DoctorIt will be a nicer day for our friend here after you are done with this Talking Tom foot doctor and you will need to do a good job at it if you want everything to run smoothly for you and for this friendly cat.

Have a great time with Talking tom in this Paw doctor Talking Tom game so hopefully by the end of it you will be pleased with the job you have done and also he will be able to walk around and jump freely like a cat is supposed to do. Follow the instructions like in the other animal treatment games and Tom will be really happy. This way you will not run into any difficulties while your treat your favorite patient in this animal doctor game free.

See you with more patients here on wowsomegames.com!

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