Evil Minion Eye DoctorIt is true boys, and girls, the day has come where you will be a part of a Evil Minion eye doctor game but notice that the minion is slightly different. That is what you get if you become evil, so stay away and enjoy the bananas. Have some fun though in this minion medical game or should I say evil minion surgery game.

There are a whole bunch of stuff to do before you can declare that the patient is cured, so get right to work and start investigating the situation. Do not forget to follow the instructions as they will be key in getting things done in this minion free game online.

Until the next emergency, wowsomegames.com!

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BaymaxToday you will be creating your own version of him in this baymax creation game and you should strive to make it unique and to your own liking. Furthermore you will be able to add armor to make him beefier and stronger, but if you would like to keep him just in a medical state, you can make him cute.

Just like in any big hero 6 dress up game you will have full control of the outcome and this means that you can make a unique version of him. Have some fun in this superhero robot game called Create Big Hero 6 Baymax. Do not get into too much trouble together and have a nice experience playing our Baymax makeover game.

See you soon, wowsomegames.com!

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minion_foot_doctorTrouble is not a location in this case because in this minion foot doctor game something really nasty happened to one of our yellow friends. They always make us laugh and now it’s time to make this particular one get back on his feet, literally. This is a minion online surgery game and he will need you to take a good look at the situation before you act. Analyze what the problem is and start treating the wound immediately.

Follow the instructions that this fun minion online game has to offer as they will serve as a newbie guide to all those that want to help but don’t really know how. If you are more experienced with new surgery game for kids then you will make good use of all those medical tools and make the minion feel like a million bucks by the end of this minion medical game.
We wish the minion a speedy recovery, wowsomegames.com!

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Baymax Eye DoctorThere is always need for good doctors but in this Big hero 6 doctor game the need is even bigger because this time one of their most important heroes got hurt. This superhero free online game is called Baymax eye doctor game and you will need to treat his eyes and patch him up really well before his next encounter against his sworn enemies.

He will be fully recovered by the end of the game if you manage to follow the instructions provided in this Big hero 6 game kids. Try to make it that his eyes will be working at full capacity so he can spot the enemies weaknesses and strike them when they are most vulnerable. Have a fun time with your favorite superheroes in this online eye doctor game free.

Until the next emergency, wowsomegames.com!

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