To all of us it seems that flying is easy but in this skill flying game you will find out that it is quite the contrary. Unlike riding a bike you can easily forget how to fly, like our cute monster did in this flying game online. The thing is that he has hibernated for quite a while and now it will take him some getting used to the new gates that are all over the place. You will need to go through them in this bird flapping game and surely you will get some nice high scores that you can be proud of. Choose the right difficulty for you and this way you will most certainly have a cool time with the creature in this fun flying game called Clumsy Monster.

Have a thrilling night, here on!

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Floppy SagaToday you will learn that flying is not all that easy because in this Floppy Saga game you will be the one controlling the creature of your choice. Keep in mind that this will not be easy not just because of the timing of the wings but the difficulty can be chosen as well. If you think you have played enough skill flying games till now then you can go ahead and pick a higher one which will make the mythical creatures of this wing flapping game a lot harder to control.

Enjoy your time going through the gates and this way you will be increasing your score. Flying games online are awesome and you should be on the lookout for more as we will be developing them soon.

Enjoy flying like in the movies, here on!

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Ben 10 Nose DoctorYou will notice that there are plenty of new patients coming in to your clinic lately and there is a reason for all this because you will see that you have one of the best clinics. As seen in these new doctor games you will be helping quite a few celebrities. Make sure you play these fun surgeon games with great care as there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

Try your best to fix your patients before they walk out that door. Follow the instructions given in this Ben 10 Nose Doctor game as he has fought a few battles and now he has trouble breathing. Do your best to help him in this nose doctor game online and you should become best friends with him because he might visit you soon again with another condition.

Keep in touch,!

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Spongebob Nose DoctorThank you for visiting us once again and take a look at Spongebob in this new doctor game that we just released with the occasion of his visit at the doctor. He has some nose issues in this surgeon game called SpongeBob Nose Doctor.

Help him doctor, as you are his last chance at breathing normally! Well to be hones he does live underwated and he is a sponge but nevertheless he has a nose and in this doctor game for free you should help him because you love your job and also you love trying your skills in this medical games online.

Until next time,!

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