Cops and Robbers

Nobody likes a robber and nobody likes the people that don’t have any respect for the law so in this free new car game that we just released you will be playing the good guys, meaning the cops. Luckily for you, the vehicle you are about to drive all over the Texan off-roads is well equipped for such an experience. Try out this driving game that we called Texas Police Offroad. You will definitely enjoy riding over that hard terrain knowing that you are doing something good for the community. Your back-up is en-route but you will have to keep driving as fast as possible, hopefully not flipping the car over or else it will explode.

Texas Police

Test the nitrous button and it will make a clear difference in speed and acceleration but be careful with it as it is limited. You will not be competing in any illegal street races like in other racing games but you won’t even feel the difference as the time trials are pretty exciting as well.

Drive safely,!

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