The Perfect Scene

Stunt Master 2Today you will be shooting some awesome new videos and hopefully you will not get too hurt whilst doing this because the action game you will be doing this in is called Stunt Master 2. If you aren’t already familiar with it then I should warn you that you will need to do some crazy tricks in order for the camera crew to capture every frame of your daredevilish stunts. You will have three types available one in which you will be almost like in a car game, where it has nitrous and it is quite sturdy. One in which it will seem like a motorcycle game where instead of nitrous you can do wheelies to impress the viewers and lastly, you will be able to play it like a running game in which you can jump and somewhat do tricks whilst in air. Each mode has its own perks but you need to choose the one you like, weather you like parkour games or dangerous driving games.

Go break a leg,!

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