Pou Girl and The New Born BabyThe hurry is real because in this Pou girl and the newborn baby game you will need to rush to the hospital to have the little baby. The first thing that you have to do is pack the bags in this baby Pou game as you will have to carry it to the car and then to the hospital where the baby will be born.

Have a great time gathering the things in the hidden object Pou game where everything is scattered around the room and you must put it in the bag. Once the baby is born play the baby Pou dress up game as it will be his first one and you will have the pleasure of doing it. See you soon with more awesome Pou girl online games.

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Minion GirlThe blanked is filled with minion puzzle games and you will have to solve them under pressure because someone will be checking up on you often and you need to act like you are not playing. Stop all the activities in this Minion Mom and the newborn baby game so she will not be suspicious that you are not resting. This makes it a fun minions game because it is going to be challenging as you need to be stealthy as the games go on. Try not to get caught by the end of this minion newborn baby game and you will be setting a new high score. Have some fun before dinner is ready in this minion girl and newborn baby game.

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Baby Barbie Pony CaringWith her birthday in just a couple of days she received a nice gift in this Baby Barbie pony caring game but before she can enjoy years of playing with the pony she has to learn how to take care of it. In this Barbie pet caring game you will see that they are little horses that need special attention in order to be kept clean and healthy. By the end of this Barbie Pony riding game you will have learned how to give them a nice bath and also what they love to eat. Use these pieces of information to keep the pony’s fur shiny and soft and this way you will enjoy lots of hours riding him around the forest. Be prepared to learn new things with our next Baby Barbie animal games and Baby Barbie mini games free.

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Barbie Superhero FairyIn this Barbie Superhero Fairy game you will have plenty of fun with your favorite character as she will take you on a magical journey. First of allĀ  you need to complete the Superhero barbie dress-up game and also lets not forget about the makeup in the Barbie makeover game free. Once that is complete she will teach you how to use the fairy dust allowing you to fly.

The dangers are plenty though when flying so you will have to be careful in the Barbie Superhero flying game as she does not want to hit any obstacles on the way. Enjoy your enchanting day with her in another great Adventure game for girls.

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